3) Discussion
From our results we tried to calculate how long it would to charge 1% of the battery using the total capacity of the battery divided by the current that flows into the power bank by the battery and we got 3 min and 54 seconds of constant stepping on the piezoelectric discs. We discussed about the shoe’s effectiveness and we all agreed that it is not effective to be used as the only people who will benefit are people who walk briskly all the time! Another thing we found out was that when we were testing the shoe was that the wires attached to the shoe always come off when the user was running as the wires were either too weak or the wires were soldered too tightly until it snapped when the shoe bend as the user walked.

Hence we continued on to discuss about how we could improve on the project so that the shoe is actually able to charge the power bank while walking at a normal person’s walking pace. We decided that we could have used more piezoelectric discs in the shoe so the the current produced to charge the battery is much more or we could also have loosen the wire when soldering them as this would prevent the wires from snapping.Lastly we could have researched on the different types of wires to find the strongest wire to be used to connect the components together so that there would not be a broken wire which will cause a short circuit who the user is using it. We were not able to make the improvements mentioned because of time restrain as our project duration only lasted for three months so we were not able to conduct too many tests with our model and further improve on it.

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