4) Conclusion
We concluded that the shoe we build works to a certain extent that it charges the power bank when a person is stepping quickly on the sole. The actual model we build actually managed to achieve two out of three hypothesis we made during the start of the project and they are “1) A bridge diode can be used to convert the AC electrical energy produced by the piezoelectric discs to DC, which is what the mobile appliances use.” and “2) We will use flat piezoelectric discs and keep the components, such as the bridge diode small, and would implant the components on the actual sole of the shoe.” as the model was compact and the bridge diode helped in changing the electrical energy produced by the piezoelectric discs to DC from AC to charge the power bank as the power bank could only be charged using DC. As for the last hypothesis we were not able to achieve as the amount of piezoelectric discs used were insufficient for our project.

Lastly, from our engineering project we managed to find out that piezo elements are a potential source of renewable energy but we were unable to succeed in making a kinetic phone charger using shoes as we observed that more piezoelectric discs were need to be added to the shoe. If more piezoelectric discs had been added this project would have revolutionized the use of eco-friendly products and more people will turn to the use of piezo elements as they are a potenteial source of renewable energy.

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